Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spinning at the fair

The fair is over - this morning we went back to the fairgrounds to take down our display - whoo hoo - another year done.........had a great time as usual but am totally exhausted.  This was the second fiber I was spinning at the fair this week - cashmere/tussah silk - it is lovely. I only have 4 oz of it so I'll ply it with something else, maybe some silk thread....or rayon....or tencel. My friend Kathy suggested I put pearls or maybe sequins on the thread I ply it with.......will have to give it thought.

Now it's time to play catch-up here at home after playing all week.......stop on the way home from the fairgrounds this morning was at a local farm stand to pick up veggies to actually cook a real dinner tonight......been living on fair food for lunch and snacking for dinner.

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