Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Majestic buck

There are 4 huge bucks that hang right outside the kitchen window - by the time I got the camera this morning they had moved up on the hill maybe 30 feet away. By the looks of the lawn they're sleeping there overnight...I'm sure it's much more comfy than this brown crackly stuff on the rest of our acreage.

Look at the rack on this guy - how beautiful.  The other 3 have racks just as impressive. I think he's been sharpening his. This afternoon as I was filling up the hummingbird feeder I was hearing footfall down the ravine on the side of the house, then clanking - no one should be down there so I was getting a bit worried about what it was.....then it dawned on me - it was the antlers clanking against each other as the bucks were facing off. I was only able to catch a bit of the battle as they got closer to the house without disturbing them - not close enough for photos.


  1. Wow! How awesome to have them on your property and outside your windows to enjoy. Beautiful!

  2. Wow, that's amazing that they are so close to your house! How neat to be able to see that from your window.

  3. Yes, very fun to have them close to the house......except when they eat things they shouldn't. We've pretty much gotten it down to deer resistant plantings but some smart aleck always has to try the stuff he really doesn't want to eat. When I planted lavender a number of years ago I found them pulled out of the ground every morning, they tried them and remembered they didn't like them.


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