Monday, March 10, 2014


I am not usually a procrastinator - I'm one for getting a job/chore done early so it's out of the way, what if a crisis were to come up and I couldn't get to it?  Plus I don't like working under last minute stress. That's why in the next 2 days I'll be taking my guild program handouts to the printer, everything for my presentation in a month will be ready to go come early next week.

BUT, I always procrastinate on the taxes - I don't wait until the last minute but we generally get to them late March/early April. And once again, in spite of my promise to myself, I left much of the business spreadsheet work to do until after the end of the year. I enter all sales, cost of goods sold, keep inventory records updated on a daily basis throughout the year but a year's worth of expense receipts get thrown in a box and sit until sometime in March. I couldn't put it off any longer - today was the day to finish pulling everything together for taxes. I'm ready now to sit down with Turbo Tax Home & Business Edition........which will happen sometime next week as the rest of this week is too busy.......but they will get done and filed next week......phew.  Maybe this will be the year I enter all the data at least on a monthly basis........we'll see........

This is what I started spinning last week at my spinning group.  It's a lovely blend of Merino & Shetland from SporFarms. I've only got a total of 8oz of this, not sure what it will grow up to be, will let it marinate on the shelf until an idea comes to me. I'm working on reducing my fiber stash, many of it 10-15 years old, then I won't feel guilty pulling from my hand-dyed or Ashland Bay stock in my etsy shop......which I do way too often.


  1. I promise myself a reward for doing the taxes and it usually helps motivate me. This year it was going to see "Pompeii" in 3D. Is there something you could reward yourself with?

  2. Good idea - I need to come up with a reward for once they're totally finished sometime next week....will have to think on that one. Was Pompeii good? It's the type of movie I think I would like - I'm enjoying The Vikings second season that started a couple weeks ago on History Channel.

  3. Well, we're really into Ancient Rome, so we enjoyed the movie for all the recreations of the city. The story was pretty silly. If you can, see it in 3D -- the eruption's worth it.

  4. I have a friend that would probably love to go see it with me - will have to work on that......


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