Sunday, March 23, 2014

Interesting obit

I had to share this obituary I spotted in the newspaper on the coast last month. I wouldn't normally read the obits over there as I know few people in that area but this one caught my eye as I was scanning the page. Matilda's obit was mixed right in with the 2 legged creature obits - what a wonderful idea and how nice that the newspaper mixed it in with the others. Matilda - you look like you were a wonderful friend and family member.


  1. What a wonderful testimony to true love between a dog and her family. Matilda had a lovely smile don't you think?

  2. Well, it's about time! After all, our our 4 legged companions are often better at it than their 2 legged counterparts! And a beautiful obit it is. Thank you for posting that. I too think she has a lovely smile.

  3. Oh this is so sweet. I love her eyes. They could melt anyone's heart.


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