Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fringe Twister

Pat asked about my fringe twister. I don't know if they can be found in an online store or on Ebay anymore but a friend found one just a couple years ago. It's a Conair Hair Twister although there was at least one other brand at the time. A number of years ago there was a fad for young girls to use these to twist their hair, of course us weavers caught on to this quickly.  They were around $10 but as the fad was on the way out we could find them as low as $4, I bought a second as a back-up (no, I won't sell my extra one). What's nice about the Conair one is that when you press the button forward each shaft holding yarn twists in one direction - then press the button back and the entire head rotates in the other direction twisting the two together. Sometime last year I saw that Lacis had created a battery twister for fringes and cord, much spendier but if the Conair can't be found it's well worth the money for the time it saves. Since I haven't seen one of those in person I can't say if it works the same. Hope this helps you Pat........and anyone else that may be interested.


  1. I loved the one you found for me that I ordered online. I ended up giving it to Melissa after I found another one online. I don't have a back-up. Now I wonder if I should phish around for a second. I'd be miserable if mine died!

  2. Wow, I thought this was a specialty weaving product! How clever to repurpose a hair tool for something much more fun and important!


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