Sunday, February 23, 2014

A bit of this and that...........

I'm still in that spin up the stash mode - some of the fiber has been in my stash for at least 15 years - time to move it on to new homes or spin it. This was from something I carded on the drum carder at least 15 years ago - not sure what the fiber is but it's soft, maybe mohair just from the hairiness of it - definitely dyed silk added to it. It's very soft. Will make a nice couple of hats or I might save it to mix with other handspun for a woven blanket at some point - in the meantime it will go sit on the shelf and marinate with the rest of the handspun.
Friend Nadine sent me this Blondie cartoon that was in the newspaper a few days ago.  Exactly - I can't believe everyone doesn't want to discuss curling with me anymore.  I've still got 3 curling matches dvr'd to watch - the men's final, and two medal rounds so please don't tell me who won what as I've managed not to hear the results yet.  Yesterday evening we watch the women's medal games - was so thrilled that the young British team (Scots) won the bronze, they worked so hard and are so serious about it all. And yes, was happy for Canada winning the gold - they deserved it after winning all the round robin matches and the semi-final. 

I checked out the curling schedule at the ice rink in Klamath Falls (over 2 hours away) because I'd love to see curling in person but the leagues play one evening a week and we will not be driving home from Klamath Falls at night over the mountain pass in the winter (the rink closes the end of March for the season). My goal for next year's curling season is to hopefully get together a group of friends to go over for the 75 minute beginning curling lessons - only $10 each - I think it would be a hoot.........and we could do it during the day rather than at night, and hopefully we'd be able to work around snow. It's not something I'd take up with no local rink with a curling sheet but it would be fun to experience sliding on the ice, throwing those stones and sweeping....wonder if there's such a thing as a gutter ball in curling, if not I may invent it.........

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  1. I would definitely join you in curling if I lived a bit closer!


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