Thursday, January 9, 2014

Slow start to the new year.......

It's been a slow start to the new year around this house. We spent New Year's Eve and the following week on the coast, unfortunately both of us had colds so we didn't do much. Days were filled with walks, reading, watching tv and knitting. I planned on working in WeavePoint planning new drafts and also doing research for a guild program I will give in April but didn't do either. We did get out antiquing one day (nothing bought), went to an excellent glass exhibit at the Coos Art Museum and took a drive 2 hours south to visit friends and have a yummy fresh crab lunch. A seagull pooped on my head during our walk on New Year's morning - Sam said it was good luck......I say it was good luck he was the one that didn't get pooped on. Saw a warning sign on the Hwy 101, which runs along the coast, down at Humbug saying "Wild Cows"........we never did figure out were they cows that got loose and were running wild or if they were wild partying cows. And, just as I thought, I am on the cutting edge of being a US curling fan (the sport of curling) - there were 2 mentions in the latest AAA magazine, an article on gloves in the latest Piecework magazine that were originally worn for curling (friend Nadine told me about it, I have yet to pick the magazine up) and at Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls to the east of us they are giving curling lessons and plan to start up a league this year (Nadine also told me about the article in the local paper mentioning it).

I had high hopes for working in the studio all day but I've had a relapse of my cold and feel plain old worn down so have been working on adminstrivia instead since that takes so little effort. UPS was just here dropping off 80 pounds of wool that needs to be measured out into bags, labeled, put into inventory and relisted in the etsy shop......that's not happening today either.

I made fun bird seed ornaments for gifts this year and have found their the perfect way to feed the birds at the beach cottage. My past experiences with bird feeders over there was having the raccoon raid them during the night or having them blown to bits by the wind over there when they'd swing and hit the tree limbs. These hanging ornaments work perfectly - I can put them on flimsy enough branches that the raccoons can't get them and the birds love them. I found the recipe in Taste of Home magazine.
 Here is one of the birds enjoying the seed, my friend Yvonne thinks this is a thrush. I had 4 different types of birds eating on the see ornaments that day. Sorry the picture is only so-so - I took it from across the room through the window.
Start with some bird seed, some cookie cutters, approximately 4" in size, gelatin, ribbon, a baking sheet lined with waxed paper or foil, non-stick cooking spray, 1 1/2 cups of birdseed (although I found that I needed to add anywhere from 1/2-1 cup more to soak up the gelatin solution.

Tie the ribbon into loops, instructions say to use 12" lengths but this time I made them longer to go all the way through the ornament. Place cookies cutters on lined baking sheet, spray inside with non-stick spray.

Mix 2 packets (1/2 oz) of unflavored gelatin powder with 1/2 cup of boiling water, stir to dissolve, add to birdseed mixing to coat all of the seed. This is where I'd start adding more seed to make sure the mixture wasn't too watery. Mix until it's stiff but sticky.

Press the mixture into a cookie cutter halfway up, put ribbon across.

Then cover the ribbon with seed filling to the top of the cookie cutter.

Here they are all done - this was two batches of the recipe, some of those cookie cutters are pretty big. After a few hours push each ornament out of the cookie cutter and set back on tray to dry, flipping every so often for 72 hours or until it's hard. Hang ornaments in the trees. These make fun gifts packaged in clear cellophane bags.

I don't know if anyone else has been having trouble uploading pictures to blogger but I've not been having fun trying to get them in my post. I think it still has to do with the new Explorer which blogger isn't supporting yet. Two weeks ago they wouldn't load at all, now they'll load into Picassa but then won't load from there. I finally switched computers and was able to get them up - not all our computers have updated to the latest Explorer.


  1. Hope you are feeling much better. The bird seed ornaments are wonderful aren't they? My Granddaughter made me some as a gift this year and the birds at my big feeder are loving them. Have to tell her about the trick of putting the ribbon in half way, she has been poking a hole in them with a straw.

  2. You are very kind feeding the birds after one pooped on you. I haven't had any issues with Blogger and I use Safari. Have you tried another browser like Chrome or Firefox?

    1. Weird thing is that I can load pictures on blogger using the netbook which also has the new version of Explorer, this all started the other day on the desktop. I still get a message on the netbook that the new version is not compatible with blogger but it still lets me load pictures. Sam is going to reload the new version of Explorer on the desktop and see if it helps - it was working with the message coming up and then stopped. I do have Chrome too, have never used it, might have to try it if it continues to not work.


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