Friday, January 24, 2014

More name drafting

Today I wound a warp in a very pale steel gray 10/2 perle cotton and threaded the heddles to a name draft I had designed the other day for 'I Love Weaving'. I think it turned out pretty nice. It's woven in overshot, the pattern weft is a very dark teal/navy in 5/2 perle cotton

Here's a shot of the underside - I might like it even more than the top.

When I went to unload the dishwasher this little doe was watching me through the kitchen window. She posed for many pictures before sauntering off.

 Here's a close-up - her ear turned at that moment, maybe listening for her friends who earlier in the day were all laying amongst logs from dead trees Sam and neighbor Merle took down on Wednesday.

As I mentioned earlier this morning we're under a red flag warning for forest fires due to the dry conditions and wind. Wouldn't you know it when Bailey and I went out for a walk someone was burning nearby - so stupid. Fires are burning to the east of us, maybe an hour east......and in numerous other areas of the state. What a crazy winter - no rain in Oregon, unheard of............


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    1. Thank you!
      I went to a translator online to find out what you wrote
      "Beautiful drall you weave"

  2. I love your cloth. It reminds me of a piece of counterpane that my grandmother left me.


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