Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2014 - May it be safe, happy and full of fibery goodness. No long post today with my hopes of the new year - just depressing to go back and read about all the things I never got to, changes never made, so I'm just not going there this year. My only hope is that the year is a great one for myself, my family, my friends and everyone out there reading this............and that blogger will start cooperating again in letting me upload pictures. I finally got the clipart loaded last night after going back and editing my post several far this morning it's not working. Not sure what the issue is, this happened the first week of 2013 and went on for months with no help from blogger, I eventually was able to publish the text and then go to edit it and get the pictures uploaded........I'll keep trying with this new issue........sheesh. 
(update - I just went back to try and get the clipart to load with editing my post and it worked - might be back to doing that until the blogger issue is fixed - I'll be happy if I can get photos up doing that rather than no photos at all)

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