Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Photography Challenge - Y is for.......

The photography challenge that Benita thought up is coming to an end, this is the second to the last week. What fun it has been. I had quite a few ideas for Y, the featured letter this week, but I decided to scrap them all and go with one theme - Yearbooks....and yes, I graduated over 40 years ago....

Here are my high school Yearbooks, Montgomery Blair High School to be exact, in Silver Spring, MD right near the DC line. It was a grand old gigantic school with many huge 3 story old brick buildings. After I was long gone they built a new school not far from the old, I'm sure it didn't have half the personality of the old school, it also may have not had 3 flights of stairs to walk to an English class and no air conditioning. Over the years, old school and new, Montgomery Blair has been the location our past Presidents and our current President speaks from when doing a news conference centering around education......I've always wondered why they drove over the DC/MD line and didn't use a school in DC for those.......... Now you know what's coming next, don't you???  Something you never see on this blog other than the tiny picture to the right that I only put up a couple years ago under duress.

Yearbook picture - 10th grade - I took photos of my school picture out of the yearbook (and cropped out my silly looking neighboring kids photos) as who knows what box the real photographs are in under the steps. Not only does the quality of the real photo look better but it was in color and I was super tan in each picture from spending my summers on the Jersey Shore - that was before we ever heard of skin cancer or wrinkles and skin damage/aging being caused by the sun.

Yearbook picture - 11th grade - yep, showed up for this class picture wearing a scarf I sewed into a halter top and no bra and hip hugging jeans - but who knew in the picture....and I wouldn't have cared anyhow.

Yearbook picture - 12th grade - there should have been a law against this. For our senior pictures the photographer didn't come to the school, we had to go to his place of business.  I got there wearing exactly what I wanted to wear in the picture and he said 'oh no, you're wearing a black pullover and pearls just like every other single graduating senior' - argh. I can't believe they make girls do this these days - it probably violates their rights. I was pretty grouchy over it all and had to force this smile. And yes, the same hairstyle all 3 years of high school, down my back, long and straight.......right after graduation I had many inches cut off......over the years I've reverted back to the very long hair until it strangles me in my sleep and I finally get tired of it and cut it off again......who cares if guys like long hair, they don't have to deal with it.


  1. I didn't realize how thankful I should be for getting to choose my outfit for my senior photo. Maybe it was because it was a few years later -- or maybe because it was the West Coast. Your 10th and 11th grade photos remind me of when you used to chase me and Chris out of your bedroom. ; >

    1. yeah, you two were just kids, you didn't belong in a teenagers room!


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