Monday, November 11, 2013

Curling.....and other things.......

Anyone that really knows me is aware that I am not especially sports minded, I'd be quite ok if I never watched any sports on tv but in this house during baseball and football season I do see my share.....or rather I knit while listening to it. Not that I don't love attending a baseball or football game in person - growing up and later I did attend many an Orioles and Redskins games. I dated someone eons ago that had season tickets for Washington (DC) hockey and basketball - hockey was fun but I don't like basketball at all, really don't like it, really really don't like it, relationship was short lived.  But a couple Olympics ago I discovered Curling - oh my gosh, this is my sport.  If we had curling sheets here we'd have to go curling like other people go bowling (oh, don't get me started on bowling - yuck, sorry bowlers). So, what brings this up you ask? Or maybe you didn't ask and don't care. Cousin Jim called me over the weekend to let me know that the Olympic trials for curling are this Friday thru Sunday on the NBC Sports Network - I quickly went to find it on the satellite guide and put the shows on to dvr. I can't answer why I'm enthralled with curling, is the big granite stone? the sliding on the ice? playing with brooms? or is it the crazy outfits some curling teams wear?!! I'm still just learning all the nuances of the game as I usually only see it during the Olympics but I'll be watching these trials so when the Olympics come I'll be familiar with the teams and players. Yes, this is all pretty crazy but it's fun.

On the fiber front - still not too much happening here, no weaving at all but I've been knitting and felting up a storm and doing some sewing for gifts, which of course I can't post pictures of on the blog. I was out for all but one day of the past 14 so not much accomplished here lately......I'm hoping to make a big dent in the gift creating side of things this week. The business, weaving and roving sales are going great......a little too great on the roving side as it takes too much time from the creative side of my business.....but it is good income.

Pet peeve of the day - 5 recorded junk phone calls today. Are there no consequences from the feds or state for these calls? We're on the federal and state do not call lists but they just keep coming - I could have lowered my credit card interest rate 5 times today........if I paid credit card interest. There's at least one call a day, sometimes two but today was a record with five.......maybe they figured more folks would be off work for Veteran's Day.........thinking of that a Happy Veteran's Day to all those out there who have and still are serving.


  1. I think we have a curling league here in Seattle. Did you ever see the Colbert Report a few years ago when he tried out for the Olympic curling team? Very funny. Here's a clip:

    1. Very fun clip!!! I just went to check on curling in Seattle and there the Granite Curling Club north of the city. The calendar for open houses looks to be late September thru late March, not sure what happens the rest of the year - I will be checking it out when up in that area.


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