Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photography Challenge - W is for.......

Welcome sign on the front of our house

Whirley-gigs over at a shop on the coast

Woodpile up at neighbors Carol & Merle's place

Woodpile close-up

Waves in Bandon, OR

Washed Ashore Project - check out the site to read about what the organization does to promote the problem of trash in the sea......what an incredible organization this has become all from one woman's vision and passion. If you're on the Oregon coast stop by to see the exhibits, help create displays out of trash collected off the beaches which is very sobering, make a donation. And check out the site to see if any of the creations will be on display in your area.

Washed Ashore's Henry the fish

Washed Ashore's Lidia the Seal


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    1. Yeah, Bailey was pretty bummed - I thought about Wag but then remembered how hard it was to get a picture of his tail. Only 3 more letters left - will have to think on getting him in again.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah I thought of wool but it's always on my blog......also woven would be pretty obvious for me......

  3. Great job on W. I missed U and V and totally forgot about W until now. I'm kind of burned out on the challenge. But...We're so close to the end now that I should stick with it and finish. I have no idea what we'll all do for X, Y and Z. That will be interesting. :-)

    1. The challenge has been great fun but I'm ready for it to end now. Very few ideas for X and Z and it will take a miracle for me to get any of those pix - may do better on Y.......just can't stress over it, life is short, it has to be fun.

  4. How about Xerox for X? Or even Xerox machine? A big red X, Xanadu (the poem or the Olivia Newton John movie).

    For Z, lemon zester (or zest), zinc, zircon, zotz (candy), zoo, zoom (for Bailey, maybe?)

    Clearly, I should try doing this next time.

    1. Yes, have Xerox on my list - finding an actual Xerox machine has eluded me so far but I'm still looking - they're all other brands. Thanks for the other ideas.

      Yes, you should do this challenge - start out the first week of the new year with A - I'd love to see what you come up with each week. It's been fun.

  5. I love the picture of the wood pile! And the Washed-Ashore art is great!!


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