Sunday, December 23, 2012

Whoo Hoo

My first totally original 40 harness design - whoo hoo. What I've woven so far on the AVL has been some drafts I've found and woven as is or I've taken the original draft and made changes in orientation or background weaves - this is my first from scratch, from my own ginkgo leaf drawings design - I am so excited.
My warp is an 8/2 tencel in a gold/green color. At the beginning of my weaving I was just using some rust tencel left on a bobbin to get it spread out. Then I switched to black leftovers. Can you see that I have columns of 4 different variations of ginkgos?
Here I'm auditioning some other weft colors. I put enough on this warp for 4 will definitely be black, am leaning toward the gold  too just because it's so subtle and I like the fuschia and forest too but I'll be thinking on those as I weave on the first two. I looked at it from underneath to see the other side - love it too. Sorry the picture isn't great - not good light with this weather and I'm still not over the learning curve on this new to me camera.

I had one warp end in the middle jumping out at me the last 2" I wove - I looked at it closely and it's plied so tightly it looks totally different from all the other weft ends, definite manufacturing issue. I'm not sure how many inches/feet/yards the defect covers. It's unacceptable to me so I pulled it out and inserted a repair warp end just as if I had a broken warp end - I'll be much happier with it.

Now off to start the first scarf - whoo hoo - oh, did I say that already???  Dragonflies are in the near future.  And you're not seeing just another snow picture - it's still here but at least I'm on to something creative to share.


  1. Very cool! I love it! I love the idea of dragonflies too. How fun!

  2. Stunning Cindie, just stunning!

  3. Beautiful! I think Ilike the black the best. And I love the idea of "auditioning" the colors -- sounds better than "testing."

  4. What a gorgeous design. I really love the shape of the ginkgo leaf. Now, if only the ginkgo tree I planted would grow a little faster, ;-)

    My vote is for the green, or black

    I will stay tuned to await your dragonfly.


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