Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally something to show

Finally something I can share - it has already been gifted as it was a birthday present. I made this fun little clutch called the Square Knot Clutch by Miss Make - the pattern is available through her blog or etsy shop. I love that the denim I found at JoAnn Fabrics looks like an undulating twill which all of you weavers will understand.
The cotton lining is from my large enormous stash of ginkgo fabrics - I thought this one worked perfectly with the denim. After I finish up the gift making/packing/shipping I'll get back to this pattern to make one for myself. Hmm, just had a thought as I'm looking at the picture of this clutch - I could attach little metal rings to the inside for a removable strap so I could convert it to a shoulder bag if the mood struck me. Been having fun at the embroidery machine glad my friend Kathy enabled me to buy it a bit over a year ago.

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  1. Very cute! And what a nice gift. I don't use my embroidery machine near as much as you do, but I sure love having it in the stable!


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