Saturday, December 22, 2012

One step forward, one step back.....

Things are improving here on some fronts in the aftermath of the snow storm. Power came back on this morning at 7:15 - whoo hoo!  But phone service went out early yesterday evening, which includes our very poor internet service, thank goodness for my Verizon Mifi wireless hotspot. It's been snowing again here this morning, we're hoping the power is on to stay.  I can't say enough good about Pacific Power, they've been working hard to get power restored and they've done a great job of keeping everyone informed going so far as to mention in their phone recording where warming shelters have been set up. I wish Century'stink', um I mean, Centurylink (phone/internet)would take a lesson from them on customer relations.....never ending problems with them and they're less than cordial about them. If we had another option out here we'd be using it......

Planning on getting out today to deliver some gifts, do some errands in the 4wd truck - main roads are fine, our rural side roads are getting there, our steep long driveway is treacherous. One of the errands will be to pick up a UPS battery backup for the AVL so if there are power blips and I'm weaving I have time to shut it down without the e-lift system going wack-a-do. If I had that 2 days ago before the power went out for good I could have gotten the heddles threaded. I have a deadline for this scarf warp to send it off for judging into an exhibit and the deadline is quickly approaching. They know I'm sending one item (which is done, ready to go) with hopes of two but with the way things are going it's going to be touch and go on the second item.

Now off to enjoy a nice long hot case we lose power again.........


  1. Hi Cindie! Hope you all stay warm and safe down there. -Renee

  2. wow, and I thought we had a lot of snow here in Vancouver but compared to there it was just a couple of flakes!!


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