Monday, November 5, 2012

Be calm, center myself......

This past weekend was spent on the coast, it was beautiful, sunny, warm, blue sky, the waves were really kicking up out there. It was a calming weekend getting away from watching the news, picking up the phone only to find a recording or real person talking politics......instead of the usual credit card services annoying call. It was a weekend to try and center myself but here, back at home, I'm reminded that tomorrow is a crucial day. Women's rights could be set back 40 years if the wrong person (in my eyes) is elected. I realize we all feel differently about who we want to win and that's ok, I respect others beliefs political and religious, we'd be a boring country if we were all the same.....just don't push those beliefs on me.

In reading Avalanche Looms blog this afternoon I watched a utube video Susan posted a link to - I hadn't seen it - it's great. So, if you haven't voted yet (I have) and are on the fence, or just want to think about something other than what your candidate is focusing on, watch this Lesley Gore music video. Oh heck, watch it anyhow and sing along at the top of your voice!

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