Thursday, November 8, 2012

A bit more embroidery

A bit more embroidering machine work went on here yesterday afternoon as my towel order arrived. I needed to make more towels to hopefully sell at Fiber Mania this weekend. Thank you to all that bought them when I posted them to my blog a couple weeks ago. I have lots of other embroidery patterns but am just concentrating on the fiber related ones at the moment. There are two of each towel, these are a linen/cotton blend. I also got some really sweet white towels with a crocheted trim.....I think they'd be lovely with some delicate flowers embroidered on them.
White sheep with black faces and blue eyes on oatmeal towels
Natural sheep with gray faces and black eyes on oatmeal towels
I love weaving in rust/peach on natural towels
I love weaving in blues on white towels
Spinning wheel on white towels


  1. Those sheep towels are adorable! I bet they're fun to make too. :-)

  2. What, no black sheep? BAAAAA! ;)

  3. Actually I thought about black sheep....they will eventually show up.....


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