Friday, November 30, 2012

Ashland Bay discontinued colors.......

Yep, still nothing I'm working on to share but thought I would share with those interested that these Ashland Bay Trading Co roving colorways are being discontinued. I do still have some of each in my etsy shop in case anyone is interested.
This is 100% Merino in Sunflower. I'm not sure why this is being discontinued, it's a really popular color in my shop and here locally. I love the way it looks when plied or combined with pumpkin or nutmeg. Hmm, I better put some of this aside for myself.......I've lost out before when colors have been discontinued.
This is Midnight, another 100% Merino, it's lovely but I have to admit I haven't sold that much of it.
Daffodil is another 100% Merino roving, nice yellow blends for those who like yellow like me but yellow is a difficult color for some to wear.
This 70% Merino/30% Tussah Silk blend and the next I can't figure out why they're being discontinued, very popular colors in my shop.  Above is Blue.
This is the Merino/Tussah in Purple.
And this is the Merino/Tussah in Pewter - I still have quite a bit of this lovely grey silver colorway because I knew ahead of time it was being discontinued and stocked up on it.

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