Saturday, February 25, 2012

recycle, upcycle, reuse

This box of many layers of scrabble tiles headed north yesterday to my cousin Claudia who has an etsy shop and blog everyone should check out. She's doing some very fun things with recycling/upcycling.

I was using these scrabble tiles for pins mixing in glass beads and charms, I did many for sale and for gifts but it's time to move on which means tiles are moving out.

I thought I'd just dump them all in the small flat rate priority mail box for the least expensive shipping method but that box is about the size of a vcr tape, pretty small. Tiles wouldn't fit so then I proceeded to do something that was time consuming but made me think of my father the entire time I was doing it. He would have layered them in the box in perfect order for shipping so I did the same and fit every single tile in. Then he would have taped the bejebbers out of the box to make sure it made it to it's destination safe and sound....I put a bit of tape but no where near what he would have done. If Claudia opens this box up with the right side up she'll see my message.....if I had thought ahead I would have had a message on the other side too....or maybe she'll just open it up and those hundreds of tiles will fall all over the floor!


  1. I'm impressed that you got all of those in there and held the box together at the same time. It's a bit of box and origami at the same time.

  2. I wish I'd read your post before I opened the box -- I could have appreciated the effort that went into the packing. And of course the memory of your dad, my favorite Uncle Bob.

    They didn't spill (I saw the note), but it did take me an hour to sort them into alphabetic order (in plastic boxes). I don't think your dad would've appreciated my sorting method.


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