Thursday, February 9, 2012

Next under the needle.....

Here's the next top to be sewn, hopefully tomorrow but who knows. Making the long sleeve version but with 3/4 length sleeves as I hate things around my wrist. Fabric is a lovely drapey rayon with gingko leaves. I copied the pattern onto other paper this afternoon and cut out the pieces so they're ready to go......except for the twill bias tape that I never realized I needed to buy (because I didn't read the back of the pattern), might have to run to town in the morning for it. Fixed the tension on the serger this afternoon - put on 4 different colored threads to figure it out.....took a while, seemed like no matter how I adjusted nothing was changing, then all of a sudden I got it - whoo hoo!  (oh, in case anyone is interested this pattern is See & Sew #B5203)

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  1. OH Cindie, some nice sewing going on! Love the fabric for this one, but the cardi will see a ton of use no doubt too. And I see you're becoming versed in home serger exorcisms.....
    I knew there was a reason I saved those cheesy spools of thread in different colors. I'm wondering what I can offer the serger gods to keep them eternally happy. Oil
    that's been blessed?;)


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