Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nothing much to say.....

I don't have much to say, nothing to show.......very sad state of affairs. But we did spend 4 days on the coast just relaxing. Did a little sock knitting, started a seashell cross-stitch......found I really need reading glasses or better yet a magnifying lens for working on that small count linen......must be getting old. Got my hair cut....numerous inches, do like the cut other than the 'texturizing' in the back....when I was young it was called thinning, same scary scissors but now it's more 'IN' to call it texturizing.....won't be letting those scissors near my hair again, just some layering will be fine. Am dreaming of weaving but seem to run out of hours in my days......paperwork seems to be winning out, afterall it is tax time and other than keeping track of my sales I leave everything to the end of the year beginning of the next year to imput in excel....bad me.

So, since I have nothing worthy of sharing I thought I'd share another blog. If you don't read Daryl Lancaster's blog please check out today's post. I took a class from Daryl on sewing with handwovens at the last ANWG conference, she's a great teacher, so much information my head almost exploded.

Today was my spinning group get together, it's the most wonderfully diverse group of women around, and we all get along great. How blessed I am to have them in my life.


  1. I can relate...I have days like that too. How wonderful to have a spin group though. I wish....so much...that I had a group like that here.

  2. Yes you are blessed. Ditto Acorn to Oak~


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