Monday, August 22, 2011

What'cha up to?

That's what Bailey is asking this morning - hmm, so far not much, have so much to do I don't know where to begin, a mass of in-decision, overwhelmed, and just back from the weekend at the beach where I didn't have a single thought in my was great.

Well, maybe one thought was in my mind - has anyone ever posted pictures to their blog using an iPad? The screen just doesn't look the same, not as many tools on the toolbar in the posting section. When I click on the picture icon to upload a picture I get to the correct screen, although it looks different as everything does on the iPad, but the upload button (normally see a browse button) doesn't work. I love my iPad but it is a challenge at times. I'm not sure how we iPad owners are to know what apps we need for things we want to do - there are so many of them, thousands of them! I looked at a couple thick magazines on apps but half the magazine was on game apps, something I have no interest in....and I wasn't spending over 20 buckeroos for that. Maybe we have to be a kid to know these things......


  1. Interesting question since I had been saving my craft money so I could buy an iPad. Then I decided that I am on device overload and purchased a membership to the gym instead. So long answer to your question - no.

  2. Oh cute pic of Bailey! And glad you had a relaxing weekend. It was perfect weather not to be in the valley, that's for sure.
    As to the clue.

  3. iPad, not interested, I agree with Sharon I too am in device overload. Much rather be in loom overload - sigh...the price tag on 12 shaft loom is out of my reach at the moment. Bailey is a doll face!


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