Friday, August 26, 2011

Pay it forward.....

I'm paying it forward.....someone gifted these to me as she's not weaving anymore, I already have them in my library so I'm gifting them to readers of my blog. All you need to do is comment to this post with which book(s) you're interested in by August 31st - there will be 4 winners. Sometime September 1st I'll pull names, thought I'd use the random generator but Bailey is thinking he might want to come up with a fun way  for him to help pull the names...will be thinking on that one. If you don't have an email associated with your profile please leave me an email address so I can contact you for your mailing address. I'll post the winners to my blog after they're picked.
Weaver's Study Course, Ideas and Techniques by Else Regensteiner, it's autographed (this book is dated as far as the completed projects go but weaving techniques/structures/drafts are timeless, there is a lot of good information in it)
The Rosepath Motif Monograph by Margaret B. Windeknecht (this is a classic monograph - good explanations about rosepath and lots of drafts to use in your own projects-not the glossy kind of books out now but a great one)
Weaving as an Art Form, A Personal Statement by Theo Moorman (this book is about Theo Moorman who has this weave structure named after her, there are some instructions such as drafting and weaving but it's more of where you can go with this weave - it's great for surface embellishment and pictorial work. If you know Nadine Sanders, contempory weaver, you know she specializes in workshops in this type of weave structure)
Two books in this giveaway - Card Weaving by Candace Crocket & Conventional Cardweaving How-to-Booklet by Herbi Gray (I have many books on cardweaving but the Crocket one I consider the bible, great book for beginners, very clear to understand, easy to follow. The booklet by Herbi Gray is just a little phamplet - some of you may remember cardwoven earrings by gray made using sewing thread, used to be a booth at nw weaving conferences for many years)


  1. Put me into your drawing and love the bamboo scarves.

  2. the rosepath book looks interesting...did you like it? curious weavers would love your critique! put me in for this book please:)

  3. On the rosepath book - it's an older monograph but it's a classic, it explains the weave structure and has good drafts for making your own projects.

  4. ooh, I would love the Rosepath motif book

  5. ooh, I'd love either the Study Course or the Card Weaving.

  6. They all look fascinating!

    Would you please add me to the drawing for the Weaver's Study Course? Thanks!


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