Sunday, July 31, 2011


Bailey had a seizure this evening. Boy, kids sure know how to scare their parents! He's fine now. And it wasn't as bad as his only other seizure last September. We held him and kept him calm, no stimulation, just quiet and he recovered fairly quickly.
So, that was the end to a pretty uneventful weekend of not doing much other than spinning and us watching movies - too hot to be outside doing anything. Felt kind of like a slug but sometimes that's ok, I tend to be hard on myself if I'm idle so this was a good thing that I could handle frittering my time like that.

Got the fiber I had started spinning last week plyed - plyed silk ribbons in it - but now I'm at a standstill on it because I want to put an additional ply of rayon embroidery thread with beads on it. I overplyed thinking when I then went back the other direction of the ply with the beads that it would fix the overply and be balanced - not! Tryed several different samples, not happy with results so am at a standstill on that project complete with beads on the rayon thread laying on the loveseat. So, I moved on to spinning something new on the other wheel - a crazy lumpy/bumpy roving of romney and mohair - been in my stash for a number of years. Now I know why - it's so rough feeling going through my hands. I'll stick with it though, I've got around 2 pounds of it. I like the colors but not so sure I'll like the resulting yarn - will be able to tell once I ply and block it. At worst it can be used for felting projects like nice thick knitted felted slippers.


  1. so happy to hear that Bailey is doing alright after the seizure episode. Love Bailey's sweet expression.

  2. Your poor pooch - poor you! Our kids in San Diego adopted a dog with a known seizure disorder because they fell in love with his little ugliness when they went to the pound. They ended up moving from their high-rise apartment and buying a house with a yard for him - Walter Minion. The power of the pet~

  3. Gee, we've never bought a new house for a dog but we have bought a bigger RV and then a bigger truck with a nice big back seat for a dog.


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