Friday, April 8, 2011

Some loom time today.......

I got some time at the loom today, not enough but what time I spent there felt great. Three more bags woven, three more to go on this warp.
Dark blue with some taupe
Light blue which doesn't look very light in this picture because I forgot to take a picture of it so had to catch it from underneath the loom as it was winding on the front beam
Pale greens, these are really pretty


  1. OOOOWWW, love the pale greens. I have to laugh at myself. On the few rag things I wove I agonized on the fabrics and such and then well, once woven you really only see the overall color. They look great and glad you got a whole day in of weaving! How's the bra coming along?

  2. Bra fabric is hanging over the beam on the other loom, need to get to that next....but then there's all those other projects I say I need to get to next - not enough hours in the day! Need to find a bra in my drawer that will work to make a pattern off of - don't want to spend money on an expensive pattern for something that's not functional, just an art piece.


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