Monday, April 18, 2011

It's that time of year again.......

In spite of it not feeling like spring has sprung here it's that time of year again - poison oak season. I have my first outbreak on my arm where Bailey like to cuddle up and hold it with his leg. I have a horrible time with poison oak and it's plentiful on our 5 acres. As soon as the rains stop I will get out in Bailey's fenced area with the Crossbow to spray it. It's a yearly event, each year more of it dies but I don't know if I'll ever rid his area of it.....the rest of the property is hopeless.
We spent the weekend on the coast working in the yard. We tried hard to save a flowering currant tree that a previous owner had planted right up again the wooden front porch. Sam worked hours on trying to get the 8ft tall tree out of the ground in tact so we could transplant it - we realized that wasn't happening once we saw huge roots growing under the porch. It couldn't be saved but in it's place we enlarged the front bed and put 6 small bushes in.

I also started a new knitting project while over there, it's the Hydrangea Lace Scarf pattern from Fiber Trends. The wider 12" scarf has hydrangea flowers staggered across the scarf but since I only have 2 skeins of the Panda Silk yarn I wanted to use I'm knitting the 9" wide scarf which has a single row of flowers the length of the scarf. Panda Silk is from Crystal Palace Yarns and is 52% bamboo/43% superwash merino/5% silk - it's lovely. The color I'm using is actually much lighter and softer than how it looks in the photo. Can't wait to finish up and block this scarf. If you're wondering what the white lines are in the scarf they're my life lines - I put them in at the ends of pattern repeats or end of a page - if I make a huge mistake I can pull the needle out and pick up those stitches along the lifeline and continue knitting.

Today my cousin Jim is coming over to learn how to make Easter bread. I'll post pictures later........

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