Saturday, April 9, 2011

Decisions, decisions.......

I've been researching and talking about getting a compudobby loom now for around 4 years. Usually I have no problems making a decision on buying something but this is has me stopped in my tracks.

To start with I have a space limitation in my studio so I'm not looking for a big loom. My first thought was the AVL 24" workshop loom, not that I'd take it to a workshop, but the footprint will fit the space perfectly and I feel like 24" would be wide enough for scarves, shawls, towels or runners I'd be weaving on it, probably mostly scarves. I've heard good reviews of the 16 harness model but I was really interested in 24 harnesses - not good reviews, even from someone who is connected to AVL.......too much put onto that frame designed for 16 harnesses.

Last summer I went to visit a weaver friend out of the area to see her Louet Megado - oh my gosh, what a beautiful loom. So, this is the one I'd love to have in the 27" weaving width but being a more substantial loom it's footprint is much bigger for the space I have, I'd have to take an entertainment center and some all important shelving out of the studio to fit it in. Downside is that it comes with 16 harnesses or 32 harnesses - 32 is more than I was looking for, 24 would be perfect for me. The price is an issue too. I've got more than what is needed put aside for a loom but pulling the trigger on it is so hard, can I really justify spending around $14K for a loom! That's a hard one, it's a lot of money........a big buckeroos alot in my eyes for another loom.

This sent me back to AVL to look at the V Series loom if I was going to have a bigger footprint, price is still high but lower than the Louet. Not sure I like it as much though. So, then started looking at the AVL workshop loom again but only 16 harnesses since the 24 harness hasn't gotten good reviews, would I be happy with only 16, I currently have 10 on my Macomber (which I'll be keeping).

So, I'm still a mass of indecision after 4 years, have no clue what to buy so I do nothing. Anyone out there reading my blog that has any of these looms that could weigh in?


  1. Cindie,
    I can't help you, but all I an say is, we only go around once in life as far as we know. Follow your heart, not every big or expensive decision need be the most practical! :)

  2. Ok, you're a known enabler Theresa so I have to be careful with your advice! :-) I had an easier time making the decision to buy a beach house last summer!


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