Monday, March 22, 2010

Signs of Spring.............

The first signs of spring on our 5 acres are the daffodils. I planted 100 of them a few years back, there are less than 10 left - so what's up with that??? I always thought daffodils multiply....that's what I had planned on when I planted the bulbs. Wildflowers are starting to emerge too - shooting stars are starting to come up, a few have opened up. I love to watch the parade of wildflowers on the property as spring progresses.

So, no fiber pix to put up - just haven't had time for anything but a little sock knitting in the evenings. We did get our taxes done yesterday, took all day even with me being prepared with all the data for home & business. Had the desktop with Turbo Tax running, laptop on the IRS website for clarifications. Could IRS make this any more complicated?! Too many questions and too little good info off the IRS site - pages and pages of explanations that make something sound so much more complicated than I'm sure it is - a one page explanation with, perhaps, a chart would suffice for many topics.

Am making headway on the woven devore presentation - finished the handout today, will drop at the printer tomorrow. Still have more work to do on the program but am hoping to get that done sometime this week. Will be very glad to have that behind me.

Looking ahead weaving wise I've got to get my table loom warped up for a workshop called the Many Blocks of Summer & Winter taught by Linda Davis. I think it will be very fun. The loom is to have the warp wound on but not threaded - we start out with lecture and then design our own draft to be threaded and woven on during class. Also I've got a special order for 2 chenille throws that needs to be woven - chenille in citrone color arrived last week......along with black chenille, Bambu 7 and Bambu 12 in black - many cones of all three since I use black alot for wefts. And then there are two guild challenges to get done, one due in May, the other in June........have my ideas, the question will be do I have the time. Need to get those 14 towels pinned up and hemmed too..............


  1. Maybe moles or ground squirrels have been snacking on your bulbs? Ours are just sending up green stalks now, no where near being ready to bloom. Of course it snowed this morning.....

  2. Haven't seen any ground squirrels up here but maybe moles - saw holes a couple years ago. Maybe that's who has possibly killed two bushes by the front door - I've cut them back hoping they'll revive but they look dead - can't figure those either.

  3. Wow you really are a lady on the go!
    I've had the same bulb trouble, they just seem to dwindle and I'm not positive, but we've had a Starnosed Mole problem in the flower beds for a year or so, so I'm blaming him! Last year I got some solar powered things that give off an ultrasound and the moles seem to have moved to greener pastures. Hopefully that will allow my bulbs to get back on track.


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