Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celtic Knot Fingertip Towels

The fingertip towels for the multi-guild towel exchange are finally on the loom - 8 of them are due to be turned in by April 30th. Of course, I put on enough warp for extras. I love this celtic knot border but the remainder of the towel which is just plain weave in natural 8/2 cotton is so boring, I have a feeling these will be slow to weave because I'll get up off the loom bench way too often getting sidetracked. The celtic knot border is a variation on Robyn Spady's draft in an article on Weavezine called "Kiss me I'm Irish".

In one of my sidetracking excursions today I twisted the fringe on the latest chenille scarf. I also made a stencil out of freezer paper, ironed it onto one of the soon to be devore scarves and painted on the Fiber-Etch solution. It's still drying, as soon as it's completely dry I'll burn out the bamboo in those areas of the soysilk/bamboo scarf. Design chosen for this scarf is dragonflies. Now back to the loom to weave on those towels...........


  1. The border on that towel is lovely! I would definitely have to set a timer for myself and have a weaving quota for the day or something to get that plain weave middle done.)

    Good luck!


  2. Oh they look great! I was just looking at that and thinking what a fine pattern that would be for pillowcases as a border. Is the pattern weft you used 8/2 also?

  3. the celtic knot border would be grand as a pillowcase border. You need the pattern yarn to be thicker than the ground warp & weft. If I had used 10/2 cotton 5/2 would have been perfect for the pattern. But using 8/2 I tried both 5/2 and 3/2 - the 5/2 wasn't quite thick enough to provide the coverage needed so I went with the 3/2 - hopefully once washed it won't be too thick.

  4. The towels will be a treat to use! Plain weave is a good opportunity to listen to a podcast!


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