Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woolee Winder

So the excitement of the arrival of the Woolee Winder quickly wore off Monday evening. As my husband said it sounded like a hunk of junk. With much oiling, tons of oiling, wipe up the drip oiling the clankety-clank and clickety-click have gone away - it's been replaced by a fairly quiet whorling. Sam thinks the teflon piece must have seated in after spinning on it for a while - it was not smooth at all running up and down the chase, would stick in places, now it's fairly smooth. So, that challenge conquered but still the challenge of it not spinning smoothly. A friend of mine brought her wheel with WW on it to guild yesterday for me to try out - oh, so smooth and spun like a dream - hmpf! Others I know had no problems with it. I then wrote to Susan who also has a Majacraft with WW to find out how hers was doing - well, of course, it was spinning beautifully so she suggested I check out the posts on the Majacraft group on Ravelry. Thank you Susan! I learned that the brake cord that comes standard on the Majacraft and works beautifully with the plastic bobbins does not like wood bobbins. One suggestion was 40lb fishing line. I didn't have any last night so I went to look at what was on the wood bobbins of my Lendrum, a different kind of cord which I snagged some of out of the repair kit and put it on the Majacraft. Better but not perfect. Today I bought 50lb fishing line - seemed to be better for a bit but then wasn't so back to the Lendrum line for now. I'm going to give Nathan a call at WW for more hints/tips. I was thinking of returning it but it's starting to break in now so it might just make a life here. I understand he has a great return policy if I'm not happy with it. Tonight I'm actually going to start spinning something other than junky test wool. This whole spinning thing is supposed to be relaxing, not stressful............well, unless you're spinning cotton!


  1. Thank goodness you said spinning cotton was stressful... I am right there! I haven't bought a ww yet, though I am really seriously considering it. I hope yours settles in for you, do let us know how it does! Good luck and fair spinning!

  2. I hope you figure out the magic combo of things to make it work. Phoning them for advice might be just the thing. It definitely helped me with dyeing!!

    Good luck!

    PS: Just started winding my first warp for good that I have some extra time to get ready!

  3. Isn't it amazing that something we think will make our lives easier, just adds more complications! I have several friends who use WW's with their Lendrums and have the most beautifully firm bobbins, just an amazing tool when it's working well.

  4. I'm glad to have been of some help with the problem.

    By the way, I'm using the original brake cord that came with my wheel with the WW. I have to work for the sweet spot each new bobbin but otherwise, it's fine.

    Did you get the delta or order the conventional orifice?


  5. I got the delta orifice since that's what I've been spinning with on the Little Gem - it took me a few minutes to get used to it when I got the wheel 3-4 years ago but I love it.


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