Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why can't I devour devore?

I am having the hardest time with this devore guild program - I love devore, commercial devore, but not so thrilled with this woven devore. I'm sure (I hope) once I'm finished and have burnt out designs in the handwoven scarves I'll look at them and think they're beautiful but for now I'm avoiding it all together...........I've even been cleaning out and organizing drawers, cabinets & closets instead of weaving! That's unbelieveable for those that know me well. My new incentive is that nothing else goes on a loom until the weaving is done for this program. I'll still have the burn out work to do and my program handout but that's ok, it will be fit in here and there before April 10.

But yesterday I did get back to that soy silk/bamboo warp on the loom - it's off, sample is waiting to be burnt out. I wound a warp and have it almost threaded through the reed and ready to start weaving on today. This warp is white T-105 commercial cotton covered polyester sewing thread. It's rather thick, similar to a 10/2 size. I took a picture but it was pretty boring looking so you're seeing one little corner on the entertainment center in the studio instead. Back to this T-105 - what is supposed to happen when I apply the Fiber-etch (burn out gel) is that the cotton will burn out leaving only the polyester and will result in see-through areas in the fabric. This is different from what I've been doing so far weaving with 2 different fibers (threads) - this is one thread that contains two different fibers. I understand it won't be drapey, like for a scarf, so I only put on 2 yards to sample. It will remain white since disperse dyes are needed to dye this fiber combo. I have boatloads of acid dyes and fiber reactive dyes.....I don't need to add disperse dyes to the cupboard for one sample of something I may not weave with again.

On another note - I know curling at the olympics is being made fun of, great humorous article in the sports section of our local paper this week not to mention nationwide comments. Up until this last week I've probably seen less than 60 seconds of curling in my life. I'm loving it! For those that know me, they know I'm not exactly a sports fanatic, far from it, but I'm loving this curling. Right now the women's semi-finals are on, this afternoon the men's semi-finals. Yesterday was an exciting play-off game between the young (cute) Swedish men's team and the Brits - the cute young Swedes won, they play the Canadians tonight who are top notch. Sam couldn't believe it when I told him all about the game in the evening. I'm not sure what it is about curling that I love - maybe it's something that I could see trying, maybe it's the accents of the commentators - kind of Canadian/Minnesotan, who knows but I know I'll miss it when it's gone. If we travel to Canada in the future (likely) I'll have to plan our trip around a curling tournament to attend, like our trip to Seattle planned around the Mariners/Orioles game.


  1. So glad you enjoy the curling! Our neighbour plays and its a great workout plus much skill is involved.

    Dorothy (Lochmaben) has a fellow from her town on the British team and so she has been following the play. Canada beat them. :)

    Canadians may not crow too much but we are very good at what we do. We regularly win the bag pipe competition in Scotland ( go figure!) Curling bonspeils... hockey- both men and women's teams, bobsledding ( 2 medals yesterday, gold and silver) snow boarding and the new ski race event where the Canadian leader was out front by a mile.

    Not too shabby
    PS the Swedes are *cute* though...

  2. LOL, curling has it's charms. Since I lived within 20 miles of curling center for a number of years I did get to go and watch actual matches. For me it's the stones, those big heavy shiny Scottish granite stones.
    Of course I like croquet too, which is awfully fun to play.
    Love the sheep and I hope you find you can embrace the finished devore.

  3. I'm getting worried about you!! Cleaning out drawers, enjoying curling, avoiding weaving....some kind of winter madness perhaps??? (I kid, I kid!)

    I totally can't motivate myself for projects that I'm not wild about. I try to avoid having to do them - which sounds a little weird, but some of my weaving groups really want everyone to join in on group projects.

    Thanks again for all of your dyeing help! My first day was today, and it went well.

    I'm dyeing again tomorrow.


  4. I'm tickled over the fact that my mentioning loving curling has brought so many comments and this is from those that don't realize that hearing me say I love a sport is really nuts!

    Will get back to weaving in full force now. I have been spinning lots though.


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