Friday, February 19, 2010

More spinning.........

Here is more of the spinning (404 yards) from the colonial roving in my post from February 7th. This was the roving in the upper left hand corner of the picture - mostly purple with bits of blue and teal. Between the Woolee Winder and watching the olympics I'm getting a bit more spinning done that usual. This evening will start the yellow color with bits of turquoise and blue on the tips.


  1. What an intense color. Pretty! Is the WW just how you hoped now?

  2. The Woolee Winder isn't perfect yet. I need to play more with trying different strength springs and different brake band cords. It wants to grab the fiber out of my hand no matter how the brake is set which leads to cramped hands for me. I have faith that this will get ironed out. It is nice not to have to stop to move the yarn on the bobbin.....especially nice when plying since it has to be moved more often - I'm speeding though plying now.

  3. What gorgeous yarn!! I'm winding a giant white warp right now (warp painting Thursday of this week I think!) - so color looks fantastic to me!


  4. can't wait to see your painted warps later this week!


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