Sunday, April 5, 2020

Eureka.......I've found gold!

 I found this box in the guest bathroom cabinet - it's like finding gold.  We keep these in our vehicles but only have a handful in them at anytime.  And that's all the wipes we have since there have been none to be found at the store, no bleach either. I'm ecstatic. Funny how such a thing as Wet Ones could make me so happy. So now we can carry them with us in case they're needed...…..since we aren't going anywhere they should last us a while.

 An update on the barn quilt wall hanging project. I now have all 12 blocks done and am working on the corner stars - there are 4 of them up on the design wall so far.  There are 2 blocks I'm not thrilled with my workmanship so once the stars are all made, the sashing and borders cut, if I have enough fabric I'll remake those 2 squares. It really is fiddly working with these tiny pieces but I'm enjoying it. Now I wonder how do those that make the mini quilts, I mean really small, handle all those seams allowances on the back.

Friend Yvonne gave me a recipe for bread using quick rise yeast, which I have, so this afternoon I made these 2 loaves. This is the pic before Sam and I cut into one of the warm loaves and ate slices with butter. Dinner plans have totally changed to grilled cheese sandwiches on this yummy bread alongside tomato soup. 


  1. Hmmm...the comment I just typed disappeared so trying again. Sorry if you get double.

    Here’s a link to the easiest homemade bread ever-also uses instant yeast.
    Be forewarned-yeast is getting hard to find now so many people are making their own sourdough starter. I’ve done that before, but making bread is too dangerous for me...if I make a loaf of bread I eat a loaf of bread. 😐

    Your barns look great to me!

    1. Peg, I've actually made that same no knead bread quite often but haven't in a while because it requires me to think the day/evening before. :-) That bread is really dangerous it's so good. Yes, having homemade bread is dangerous but I've got a husband who will eat it so I won't eat it all myself!


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