Monday, June 12, 2017

Getting an attitude adjustment

I decided I need an attitude adjustment so I'm working on that now. There are too many things in life that cannot be changed easily, if at all, so I've got to work around them. I'm cutting back my news, not hiding my head in the sand but if something is going to upset and I can't do a thing to fix it I'm going to try and keep it from cluttering up my mind.  I did spend the entire day in the studio, which was great, even if it wasn't all creative time.......just being in there was good for my soul.
 I posted some journals I recently made, here, I hadn't stenciled the inside cover of the green one at that point so I did it this morning. I'll take this journal over to the coast with me for drawing/writing.
I put a painted tencel warp on the loom and started auditioning wefts. I've got two scarves to weave on this warp so I need to find two different weft colors. Two of these are ok but I'm not really excited about any of them. I've got shelves of tencel but I don't think there's the perfect color. I'll look at it with fresh eyes in the morning and decide what colors will work best.


  1. The journal is lovely. Personally, I like the pale blue and white wefts (top and next one down).

    1. That top one is actually a silvery gray color, looks white in the photo. Those are two I'm considering. I don't have any scarves with those colors in them. I also like the 3rd one down, the darker gray but have some scarves with gray in them so may pass on that one.

  2. I've cut way back on the amount of news I watch and how much I listen to NPR. It's depressing! I pretty much just limit myself to a half hour of world news on the TV. And, it's recorded so I can blip through parts I don't want to hear more about. I'm up on what's going on but I figure that's all I need. I need to spend more time living and creating. I'm trying to make a habit of using my journal but it hasn't been going very well. Your journal is beautiful! So is your weaving. I love all the colors!


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