Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another day, another crisis

Another day, another crisis in this country. Is it never ending??? What goes through a person's head when they head out with a gun for a morning of target shooting fellow human beings???

I could only take so much of the news this morning so I moved on to activities better for my mental health like making and putting tags on handmade journals and then weaving. Here's the first scarf on the painted tencel warp I put on the loom a couple days ago.

And here's the second scarf on that warp. These are ready to be washed tomorrow. I didn't feel like starting a new audio book while weaving so I put on Netflix and watched/listened to a totally mindless and funny movie to get my mind on things other than what's going on in this country - Bridget Jones Baby. It was actually just what I needed - no message, just silliness. I would have loved to have watched more Frankie & Grace but a friend and I get together to do that while lunching and knitting - she'll be over in a couple weeks for our Netflix day. 

There's a new product from Ashland Bay - knit sock blanks ready for dyeing. What fun! I just got some listed in my etsy shop.  The blanks are 4oz and approximately 435 yards each which is enough for most knit sock patterns. They are single stranded so if identical socks are wanted they will have to be folded in half to dye or if a person is good just dye it identically all in one length. This summer I'm going to dye a pile of them for winter knitting but I'm thinking gradations for shawls and scarves, both knit and woven. Gradation yarn is really popular right now and there are tons of knit patterns being designed for it.

These are 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon and they are a 100% USA product. The merino is grown in the US, the yarn is spun in the US and they are knit into blanks here in the US.

Pet peeve of the day - robocalls. Whatever happened to the effectiveness of the Do Not Call Registry???  It stopped working years ago. My guess is that those companies have gotten much more sophisticated and can work around it. Now on caller ID it shows local phone numbers and business names but if the phone is answered one will find out that it's really a bank card company trolling or someone telling me my windows computer will be shut down by Microsoft. Because we have caller ID I don't pick up the phone but I still get tired of hearing it ring all day long - so far today 11 calls with no messages left, a tell tale sign they're not legitimate.


  1. Apparently I have no idea what a sock blank is or how to use it after it's dyed. Can you fill me in?

  2. It's yarn knit into a long stockinette piece that can then be laid flat to dye. Then it is unraveled and knit into socks. Sometimes they're knit with one strand like these, sometimes they're knit with 2 strands together, one for each sock.

    I've dyed them or bought them already dyed for socks and have knit socks straight from the blank. I've also knit shawls straight from the blank, unraveling as I knit. I've also woven with a blank I dyed from silk yarn and also from perle cotton yarn. When weaving it and using it as warp I can get truly incredible color gradations across the warp.

  3. I totally get waiting to watch mindless episodes of Grace and Franke. There were three of us working in the printmaking studio today and none of us have TV - then the true confession. While housesitting - succomving to seven hours binge watching Grace and Frankie. It's a cocoon. The world is going mad.


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