Thursday, August 11, 2016

New towels for sale

Newly woven and hemmed towels for sale in my etsy shop

There are many colors in the warp - mauve, pink, purple, off white, light turquoise, mint, teal and coral. I used a dusty pink for the weft here......

.........a deep mauve for the weft here.......

.......and a light mauve for the weft here


  1. While I would have guessed at pink for the first weft, I never would have guessed mauve for the other two. Just goes to show you that color interactions can be foolers.

    Crackle weave all, yes?

    1. No, not crackle weave - it's false damask made more complicated looking by the random striping in the warp. When I looked at the photos I thought it looked like crackle weave too.


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