Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cutting it close

This afternoon I decided to wind a white rayon chenille warp for some shawls and boy did I cut it close. I had two 1 pound cones for warp for two shawls. I knew it would be close but I actually ran out and couldn't wind the last half inch of the warp. Not a big deal as a half inch doesn't make much of a difference.  I stuck the cones up on the raddle here on the back of the loom - very little left on them.  Not sure what the weft will be - I might have enough white chenille (different brand) to use for one but will need to triple check that.........I can always use some white rayon, it will make a lovely drapey shawl.


  1. Whew! That was close. Sounds and looks like it will be beautiful. But, then again, everything you weave is gorgeous! Happy weaving!

  2. Just been catching up, your butter looks delicious!! I would love to try that someday!


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