Sunday, October 11, 2015

A spinning fairy???

A weird thing happened at 5am this morning. We were fast asleep when I woke up to the sound of a music box playing. I thought I must be dreaming but then Sam woke up and asked me if he was hearing a music box playing. It stopped and he was ready to go back to sleep, not me, we had to search the house to see if there was anyone in it fooling with our stuff........even though we have an alarm system and would have been made aware had anyone broken in. I have two spinning wheel music boxes like the one in the front left of this photo. This one had the peg pulled out so I assume this was the one playing 'The Spinning Wheel' tune. Ok, so I haven't wound these up in forever, they haven't even been touched in a long time and there's the coating of dust to prove it. So, how could it start playing on it's own???  Very creepy!  It would have really freaked me out if it happened last week when Sam was out of town. I've decided it must be a spinning fairy busy in the middle of the least that's what I'm hoping.  And where was Bailey in all this?  Fast asleep on his bed - what a watch dog.


  1. How bizarre! Do you have any theories at all?
    BTW, I love the collection on your shelf!

  2. No, no clue Elizabeth - it's kind of some tv crime show where someone sneaks in the house and winds up a music box to scare the beejeepers out of those sleeping and then attacks them.....maybe with a distaff!!!

  3. Maybe it's something to do with changing temperatures. The metal bits expand in the heat and contract when it cools down. At this time of year it can get pretty warm during the day, and then quite cold at night. Perhaps something that was "stuck" when it was warm released in the cool of the night and started the music box playing? Well, that's my theory anyway.

    1. Sounds like a good theory - better than someone sneaking around the house at night winding up the music box to freak me out!


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