Thursday, October 8, 2015

A bit of this and that..........

A few nights ago I finally plied the merino/tencel handspun I was spinning at the county fair. This was from some of my hand-dyed roving. It's beautiful. That big skein is almost a pound - I love how much I can get on those giant bobbins on my Hansen electric spinner. But I couldn't fit it all on - that tiny little skeins worth couldn't be squeezed on the bobbin, that bobbin wasn't moving. I haven't counted out how many yards I have yet......not sure what this will grow up to be until I know that.....this is a bit smaller than fingering weight size.

I wove the darker blue towels until I ran out of that color so have moved on to the lighter blue.

Got good news today - my doc has given the ok to the eye surgeon for my cataract surgery. As soon as I got home I called the eye surgery center and even though they're already booking into November there was one opening the week after next so I grabbed it. Keeping my fingers crossed that this time nothing goes awry.


  1. I love that blue--and I'm not a "blue" person--but I think it really works well with that pattern.

    Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with your eye surgery this time!

  2. I really like the color of the merino-tencel, if'n you ever want to get rid of it email me.

    1. I'll keep that in mind Lynne but don't hold your breath - I love yellow!

  3. And I hope for successful eye surgery day this time.


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