Friday, September 4, 2015

Towel warp ready to go

The towel warp is ready to go after we finish up our painting job this next week and after my cataract surgery. In spite of being out of the studio too much this week I did manage to get the AVL and Macomber looms both warped so I can get right to weaving after surgery.  All I have to do is tie on the front beams, throw a bobbin in the shuttle and start weaving. Feels good to have gotten this done.

Now if only a fiber fairy would show up at my door to deal with the roving order that arrived on Monday........roving needs to be weighed, bagged, labeled, put into inventory and relisted in my other etsy shop. My shop is out of so many colors but I can't see when I can fit this chore in the schedule - it might be 2-3 weeks so I apologize in advance to my roving shoppers. If someone is interested in a color not currently in the shop please contact me through my shop - I can then let you know if it's in stock waiting to be weighed out and I can move that color to the top of the list when I get to that chore.

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  1. I'm not sure exactly when your eye surgery is/was, but I do hope that everything goes smoothly for you. Good thoughts heading your way.


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