Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's been one of those weeks........

It's been one of those weeks...........and Bailey and Buster are seconding that, they're wondering why Mom is using a flash and waking them up from their nap.

On-going blood pressure saga - came down right away, now regulating meds so I can actually accomplish something is on the agenda, switched meds already, very low dose, BP too low, cut that dose in half today, will hopefully I'm a bit better.  Interesting thing is that my BP was just fine before I walked in the eye surgery center door. Have so much to do - can let much of it fall to the wayside, other things really need to be worked on even if in slow motion. Today a very low energy job of working on updating my  handout for an upcoming surface design least I accomplished something unlike the past week. Who knows when the cataract surgery will be rescheduled........

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  1. It certainly has been a challenging few weeks! Glad to read the new meds may be working without the dreadful side effects of the old one.


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