Thursday, July 30, 2015

Holey Moley

I was just thinking about the fact that fire season is almost half over and I'm not sure how to live stress free through the second half when I saw this out the window. This is a pyrocumulus cloud from a fire that started around 30 miles northeast of us. I haven't heard details yet as to how it started.

This is a view off our deck - off in the distance under the cloud is Mt. Sexton - our view these days is really obscured by the trees.

Here's a close up of that angry smoke cloud - it is gigantic. Am thinking good thoughts for those that live in the fire's path, there are level 3, meaning GO now, evacuations right now.

We've tried to be ready for a fire but I think tomorrow I'll be working on getting even more prepared. The suitcases and rolling carts to load the most important stuff in will just have to sit out in the guestroom for the rest of fire season. I told Sam it's time to put the 5th wheel hitch back in the truck so we can load it up and pull it out if we need to evacuate due to a close by fire. I'm also thinking it's time to put those sprinklers back up on the roof - better to do it now than to wait until a fire starts. I hate living like this.

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