Monday, April 27, 2015

Vintage finds.....

It's was a busy two weeks, every day out of the house and studio, makes for a grumpy me except that Saturday & Sunday I did get weaving in at the Robyn Spady workshop, which was great, much new knowledge gained. This was my second workshop with Robyn and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this one. She is the most well prepared workshop teacher ever, has the best handouts (small books) of any workshop I've ever taken and she's very fun to boot.

Last week I found some treasures (in my mind) at a estate quilting/craft sale. I really didn't need a single thing but I found some vintage linens and did get some rayon embroidery thread for my embroidery machine.  The fabric pieces above are actually intended to be sewn together into pillow cases. I don't know if I'll make pillow cases or perhaps pillow covers, or who knows what. I'll get them washed and put on the shelf until I decide.

And then I found a Ziploc bag filled with embroidered pieces - I love these types of linens. I'm not sure exactly what the blue set was made for - there are several small embroidered rectangular pieces. not square like a hankerchief and too small anyhow, way too small for napkins, even cocktail napkins. Any clues?  I love the toaster cover (red trim) - hard to believe they ever made toasters that small. I'm going to have to find something very fun to cover with that. These also need some washing which I'll do sometime this week. If I had a window needing cafĂ© curtains some of these pieces would be perfect......but I don't.

Now off to the table loom - I still have some warp from the workshop on it so I thought I'd do some more sampling before cutting them off and washing them to put in my notebook for future reference.

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