Tuesday, April 28, 2015


This morning I decided to get another warp on the loom for cotton/rayon shawls. It started out to be something in the sand/beach colors since I've sold the last of those but then I spotted these two lovely lavender cones, one a pale sweet lavender, the other a very light lilac. I decided I could get two lace weave shawls out of them. Hopefully others will appreciate the lovely colors as much as I do and want to purchase them.

In-between winding the warp and threading heddles I had the embroidery machine going as a customer who bought 3 embroidered towels wanted another sheep towel. The machine is in the sewing/craft room so I have to listen for it to make sure there are no hiccups and also for when it stops so I can change thread color. I ended up stitching 4 more sheep towels, my customer bought an additional 2 of them and I just listed the other 2 in the etsy shop for sale.

It's been great to be home and nesting once again in the studio.........it's where I belong........

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