Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I finally got around to working on taking photos of a couple scarves and a shawl for my etsy shop. I really dread this part of the job....I struggle with it.....if I ever find more hours in my day taking a photography class would be a good thing for me but I'm already short on time for the things I really want and need to do so it won't be anytime soon.

This scarf is tencel, an 8 harness twill, a few beads to add some bling along each end. I used an olive weft in this one, the warp is hand-dyed.

This scarf came off the same warp, I used a taupe weft for this one, it also has a little bling on each end. I also wove one using a rust weft but haven't taken pictures of that one yet.

And here is one of the cotton/rayon lace shawls. It's hard to see in this photo but I did add beads as I was hemstitching.  I like it although I'm not sure I like it quite as much as other methods of adding beading. This shawl feels so yummy........

I'm not sure where the past 2 weeks have gone but I've spent very little of it at the loom and am starting to get grumpy...........what has happened to life, when did it get so busy where I don't feel like there's time to enjoy..........with that said I'm hoping to pick up the knitting needles tonight to get back to working on that shawl that I've made so little progress on, I might get an hour of knitting in........


  1. These are both gorgeous, CIndie!

  2. Oh Cindie, They are lovely. I'm a sucker for a cream colored shawl and so practical for me....not.
    Here's to you getting back on your loom, conquering the grumpies and making some more beautiful things!

  3. Love the shawl! Wonderful drape - it looks so soft and squishy!

  4. I think you do a fine job photographing your beautiful hand wovens, Cindie! Love your work!

  5. It's so interesting to see the difference you get with different weft colors--that's a part of weaving I'm still trying to get a better feel for! Beautiful work!


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