Thursday, November 6, 2014

Not much to show........

My absence from blogging is due to nothing much to show. It's sad, isn't it?  Been on the go with little time in the studio. What little time I have had was spent on gift making which I can't show on the blog.

But got home from town earlier than expected today so embroidered 2 of each of these frog towels for a customer. They're to go with her R-Pod travel trailer which has a frog logo - I've been seeing them in RV dealerships lots since she told me about hers - really cute trailers. Anyhow, I think these cotton towels will look grand in her trailer.

I can't remember if I posted these roving colors or not. I came up with an idea for our spinning group's display at next year's county fair since very few in the group actually bring items to display so Linda and I are pulling from our stuff.

I picked a number of colorway groups out of Ashland Bay merino and brought them to spinning in September where everyone voted on which group we wanted to use. This grouping won hands down - Kiwi, Berry and Hyacinth. I gave everyone who wanted to participate 4oz of each color - they can do anything they want for the fair display as long as they use these three colors. They can spin (for knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting), felt, locker hook, rug hook, whatever. They can blend these, mix other fibers with them. The only rule is that they must have something to display at the fair. Some spinners wanted more than 4oz of each so they bought extra. We're already starting to see some of the spinning show up for show & share. Next year's fair display will have a sign telling about the challenge showing the 3 original rovings - should be fun to see how different each person's project turns out.

After I get caught up with holiday stuff I'll start thinking about mine - I'm definitely carding it with other fibers and clue what the end project will be.........will decide that once I've got it all spun up into yarn and see how many yards I've got from my 8oz of each color plus whatever else I add to it.


  1. Diane is sure to love the frog towels!

  2. CNCH had something like that this past conference. Participants received a packet with four colors. We were allowed to add additional fiber, something like an additional 50%. I thought the colors were horrible and was sorry I signed up, but when I was done, I was absolutely in love with my yarn. Oh yeah, and we could ply it with a commercial yarn so I used 16/2 bamboo so it would be strong enough for warp. Post the results!!

    1. Yes, I'll put a photo on the blog next August when everyone is done and we get our display up at the fair. I've heard what a few are planning on making - it's going to be a great display.


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