Friday, November 14, 2014

Life gets in the way..........

Where does the time go?  Life seems to get in the way of the things I want to do.....not to mention things I need to do. I'm a great list maker but have reached stumbling block this year in not knowing how to prioritize as there are too many things that need to be done 'now', as in immediately, but I can't get to them to choose which will get done first is a problem and which will go on tomorrow's (or later) to-do list. Seems to be the story of my life these days.

The past couple of weeks there are thousands, maybe millions, of tiny mushrooms popping up all over the property - this morning as Bailey and I were walking I spotted these tinies on a big stump - they're itty bitty little shrooms (one in the middle, a little colony toward the back).

I know much of the country is suffering with frigid cold and snow but here in SW Oregon we're mild - that polar vortex has stayed to the east of us.  So it may sound strange to those of you experiencing it but I'd love to have some winter weather so I can hibernate..........and weave............


  1. I'll share some of my snow! I have over a foot (I'm outside of Prineville), and not looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow!!

  2. 5° F below zero and no snow, likely will be frozen pipes somewhere in the valley.

    Lots of layers silk undershirt, cotton tee shirt and then a long sleeved flannel shirt on top.

    1. Yikes - ok, so I'll revise my wish - colder temps, normal rainfall, snow in the mountains, a little snow in the valley would be ok.............don't want a repeat of last December with freezing temps, frozen fog and ice on the roads for weeks......and a frozen pipe.......

  3. I give you permission to hibernate no matter WHAT the weather is like inside.

  4. Your first paragraph is exactly how I feel too. In fact, I'm a bit frustrated by it. I keep trying to get into the groove of productivity but I can't seem to find it. Then, the next thing I know....another week has flown by. Whoooosh! Here's hoping this week will go a lot better! :-)


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