Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Home from Tacoma

Mt Rainer, WA
Just home last night from spending time up in Tacoma, WA for the Complex Weavers Conference. It's a very different conference from regional ones or Convergence, smaller and more intimate. It was my first time attending as with so many others this year. I was in awe of the talent from around the world - the weavers I read about in magazines and online. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with old friends and meeting many new ones. The gallery exhibits, Complexity, the informal fashion show and the informal show & share were incredible. The Complexity exhibit can next be seen at Convergence in Rhode Island in a couple weeks so if you'll be attending you should be sure to see it. Sorry I have no pictures - it was tough to take pictures with the crowds of attendees so I didn't bother.

I won't go into my seminars - there was one that was really good and I'd love to find a 2-3 day workshop with this person in the future, 3 were not my favs, and then for my last 2 which I could see weren't going to work for me, I ditched and attended 2 others which I enjoyed very much. Sometimes the greatest weavers (or greatest anything) are not the greatest communicators or teachers, I'll leave it at that.

Keynote speaker Madelyn van der Hoogt was fascinating to listen to as was Shelia O'Hara who was a speaker the next day.

The Hotel Murano where we stayed and where the event was held was very plush - the hotel filled with artwork by a different artist on each floor - incredible glass art all over.

The trip home didn't start until conference was over late Monday afternoon - it included a stop at Shipwreck Beads before heading to Portland for the night where we had dinner and shopped at IKEA before checking into the hotel. Then Tuesday morning stops at Fabric Depot, Pendleton Woolen Store and The Mill End Store followed by lunch at Sushi Track and then down the highway home. It was a great trip - my two road trip buddies, Kathie & Elaine very fun to travel with.  Now back to real life, first on the list this morning is boxing up and mailing orders that came in while I was gone.......and dealing with a return to oppressing heat and extreme fire danger.

New inspiration where do I find extra hours in my day???


  1. Sounds like the trip home was the high light of your adventure, at least it would have been for me.

  2. What a lovely trip you had! I'd love to see the Pendleton Woolen Mill.


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