Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beach cottage kitchen update

The beach cottage kitchen remodel is still under construction but thought I'd share a few pictures of the work in's slow going as we're not over there all the time........and drywall mud takes a long time to dry over there.

So, here is the before showing that cabinet hanging down over the stove. It really closed off the kitchen from the dining area not to mention being in the line of sight seeing someone on the other side. I wanted that set of cabinets removed and the soffit above them.

Here's another view showing soffits that have no reason for being. I wanted them all removed but when Sam kept balking about the work involved with having to take down all the other cabinets to do it I compromised and said the small soffit above the sink and part of the one over those cabinets had to go - we're not sure why they followed the cabinet line until they got to that section of cabinets - it really darkened up and closed in the corner. Sam was concerned the vent from the sink went through the soffit and he'd have to move it but it didn't so no extra work.

So here is it as of this past Monday. Cabinets and soffit gone from over the stove - a section of those cabinets will reappear on that empty wall to the right of the window. Small soffit on the back wall gone, that area of drywall is slanted to keep with the slant going in the dining room where there's a cathedral ceiling. Soffit to the right of the fridge over the cabinets cut back (cabinet doors are off at the moment as they were in Sam's way). He's got a tiny bit of drywall touch-up, then texture and painting of the ceiling and wall. It's really opened up now - I love it - no more worries about hitting our heads on those hanging cabinets.

Next up will be to hang that section of cabinet on the empty wall, hang 2 pendant lights we recently bought over the counter , re- hang the small scallop shell light over the sink (I found the scallop glass shade at a second hand store, Sam made it into a hanging light). I haven't found the perfect ceiling light yet (we removed ugly fluorescent) I saw an old fashioned green glass globe which Sam wasn't sure of so we passed it by, when he went back to buy it, it was still on the look-out for something.

After the ceiling and wall work is finished up I'll start painting cabinets - I'm going white with sea glass green knobs. A new white dishwasher and stove will be coming soon as these are toast and new counter-tops too.....when we get to that point.....and when we pick them out. I'm thinking for a back splash wood bead board painted and distressed, maybe a sea glass green.......still in the thinking stages on that.........would love sea glass colored tiles but we're doing this on a shoestring and those are most probably definitely out of the budget. The flooring will be wood but that won't happen until we're ready to lay the floors through the entire house.

Boy the kitchen sure looks bigger in the pictures than it is in real life - put 2 people in there and you can't move.


  1. Really opens up the space with those cabinets over the stove gone. Your new kitchen is going to be just wonderful, good job Sam!

  2. You were right about removing the cabinets and soffits -- it works much better. My folks' house has a similar kitchen layout. My mom never wanted to remove the hanging cabinets over the stove -- she wanted the storage, I think -- but it would have made the kitchen feel more spacious, like yours.

    Looks like you're keeping Sam busy.

    1. I was worried about giving up that storage space too as there's so little in the kitchen which is why we took out the coat closet, opened it up on the kitchen side and put in a big tall cabinet - it can barely be seen on the left side in these pix, you can see the green glass handles. We moved the coat closet to the hallway taking away part of a guest bedroom closet for it.


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