Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh so yummy.........

This past weekend I decided to make some pogey bait (as my friend Yvonne calls it) for the guys golf getaway on the coast next weekend. I put some of these Crazy Brownies in the freezer over there for them, some but not all, after all I/we have to try them out before Sam gives them to his buddies, don't we? These Crazy Brownies are from The Pioneer Woman's blog - very fun blog, very fun show on Food Network on Saturday mornings.  You can find the complete recipe on her blog.

First I mixed a chocolate cake mix with some evaporated milk and melted butter, then patted half of it into a pan. Then the naughtiness begins - 9 Reese's peanut butter cups get laid on top of the cake mix - hmm, 9 of them, there are 2 in a package, guess that means I popped the leftover in my mouth -yum.

Next I unwrapped 16 Rolo's and placed them in-between the peanut butter cups......well, actually I probably unwrapped 20 and popped the extras in my mouth - yum again.

The original recipe calls for chopped nuts and a sprinkling of salt. I love nuts but not in my baked goods so I broke up pretzel sticks and threw those in the open spaces. And then topped it all with mini M&M's - I think the recipe calls for regular M&M's but I think the mini's are so cute.  Of course you know I ate some pretzels and M&M's - yum again.

Next the rest of the cake mixture gets patted out and placed on top ready to pop in the oven. Now the hard part comes - in order to cut this baby you need to place it in the fridge for a few hours after it cools down..........good thing I was devouring taste testing those ingredients as putting it together since I wouldn't get to try it until the following day.

And here's the final results - oh my gosh, how yummy, deliciously scrumptious these are. I can't even begin to imagine how many calories are in them and I'm not about to calculate it. Each bite brings a taste of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel and pretzels - all my favorites. I cut them into 16 brownies - next time I will cut them into 20 as they're pretty jam packed with rich deliciousness. I'm definitely making these to take to my spinning group soon. Good thing most of these are in the freezer over on the coast for the guys........and I will not be within quick driving distance......and I have no interest in barging in on the guys getaway golf extravaganza no matter how yummy these are.

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